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Windows Server 2019 DataCenter

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Activate Windows Server 2019 Data Center and discover its new features

Windows Server 2019 Data Center has the strengths of the previous version of Windows Server 2016. Its main goal is to help large companies build a stable network architecture. The new version of the Windows Server 2019 Data Center presents several improvements and exclusive features.

More security

Security is still one of the major challenges in the Windows Server. Windows Server 2019 Data Center reacts to the latest threats from the Web and improves its server operating system in many ways. The most interesting element for users in Windows Server 2019 Data Center is the collaboration with Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection. This protection mechanism is specialized in recognizing threats without signature files. Thanks to its connection to the cloud, it offers effective protection against rootkits and exploitation which are not detected by conventional antivirus. Added to this is enhanced and easier to implement encryption, which also includes network exchanges and virtual machines (VMs).

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Better integration of Microsoft Azure

Users of the Windows Server 2019 Datacenter benefit from Microsoft Express updates, which already exist in the Windows 10 operating system. Their big advantage is that they are significantly smaller than the Delta updates. we knew so far in Windows Server. These Express updates included in Windows Server 2019 Data Center, function as one-to-one backups of data, not only accelerate download and installation, they also reduce the number of restarts required for the servers used.

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A flexible licensing model

Huge companies that purchase Windows Server 2019 Datacenter still benefit from a highly-researched licensing model that is appealing for its high level of flexibility. Windows Server 2019 Datacenter depends on hardware, through a core-based license, and devices or users accessing a server the same as Windows Server 2019 Standard. The rule of “minimum 8 cores per processor” and “minimum 16 cores” per server of the previous version is always maintained.

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