Windows 7 Enterprise


Windows 7 Enterprise

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Activate Windows 7 Enterprise

Download Windows 7 Enterprise which is designed for professional use and enjoy its updated tools and features. Windows 7 Enterprise allows an improved Media Center tool, easy navigation and more control over the user account. Microsoft has made some important changes in order to improve the quality of the Operating System services including management tools, external device encryption, the BranchCache technology and more.

SharePoint for better search results

Install Windows 7 Enterprise and enjoy the federated search. You can choose which Intranet to connect with and which available SharePoint sites. Windows 7 Enterprise presents Enterprise Search Scopes for IT specialists in order to add links to internal sites using the start menu. Search results, therefore, are visible on Windows Explorer.

cortana auf windows 10 pro

User-friendly start menu

Download Windows 7 Enterprise and enjoy the new user interface that presents some improvements making easier manipulation of the Operating System. These improvements include the removal of the sidebar included in the previous version of Windows. Windows 7 Enterprise presents a custom desktop layout, users now have the option to configure the system according to their wishes which leads to more effective work.


Optimal graphics experience

Install Windows 7 Enterprise which provides a visual rejuvenation added to some important improvements in the performance of the Operating System such as including the Directx 11 graphical offering an improved visual and audio performance. Additionally, Windows 7 Enterprise provides improved support for touch-sensitive devices such as tablets.

Directx 12


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