Office 2016 Professional Plus


Office 2016 Professional Plus

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Install and activate Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus

Install Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus which comes with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Access, InfoPath and Lync. This package is suitable for companies and professional use. It allows users to make professional presentations and create charts and figures using the most efficient Office applications. It also helps users to manage multiple email inboxes and schedule business appointments all using a desktop program with a simple command.

Co-Authoring for office document

Download Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus and enjoy its integrated features. One remarkable feature provided by Microsoft is the Co-Authoring which allows multiple users to simultaneously work on the same document regardless of the used device. Additionally, with the Co-Authoring feature, all edits are lively visible to the participants that are working on the same document.

Install Office 2016 Professional Plus

Excel’s new charts and Clutter for Outlook

Download Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus and enjoy Excel 2016 which provides additional charts comparing to its precedent versions such as Waterfall, Treemap, Pareto and Sunburst. These charts will help users to efficiently present their input data into the spreadsheet document. Outlook 2016 is also included in Office 2016 Professional Plus, it includes the Clutter feature which detects your manipulation’s patterns in order to prioritize your important emails.

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OneDrive file-saving and video conferencing with Skype

Install Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus and open an Office document wherever you are using OneDrive. This Cloud based service allows you to save your office document online and also access them and pick up your work right where you have left which provides clearer and simpler document creation. Also, you can find Skype for Business as an application provided by Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus which helps professionals plan online meetings and videoconferences.

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