Kaspersky Internet Security 2021


Kaspersky Internet Security 2021

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Install Kaspersky Internet Security for your own safety

Whatever you do online, and no matter how rissky the sites you use are, Kaspersky Internet Security helps protect you from malware, webcam spies, financial scammers and more. Install the best online antivirus that will guarantee you an amazing surfing experience.

Privacy and identity protection

Kaspersky Internet Security Stop trackers from accessing your machines, so that your online activities can not be tracked or gathered. If unauthorized apps attempt to access the camera or microphone on your PC or Mac, or if it detects spyware that can track your calls, messages and location on your Android device, you get warnings.And if your Android phone is missing, we will help you lock, locate and reset it so that you can protect the sensitive information stored on your computer.

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A spectacular safe money technology

Whether you’re on your PC or Mac, the exclusive Kaspersky Secure Money technology opens a Secured Browser when you go online shopping or banking, protecting your credit card details, online accounts and financial transactions. When you open Kaspersky’s secure Browser, whatever browser you use-Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari your saved passwords, bookmarks and preferences are kept.


Fast, Powerful and Efficient

Kaspersky Internet Security operates in the background, continuously monitoring for threats, so you get reliable protection that will not get in the way. And it’s simple and easy to access each feature with the intuitive, new dashboard. The newest version of Kaspersky Internet Security can be installed in only half the time. Plus, it’s 15% ‘lighter’ now, so there’s less pressure on the PC. System requirements will never stop you from providing the best security for your device because it is compatible with outdated devices.

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